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Anna Schoch

Research AssistantAnnaSchoch




Tel.: (+49) - (0)228/73-5397


Department of Geography

University of Bonn

Meckenheimer Allee 166

D - 53115 Bonn


Room: 155



Office hours: by arrangement


PhD-Thesis: Quantifying sediment storage in the Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland

In my PhD I focus on the storage of coarse-grained sediment along the flow path from rockwall source regions to large sedimentary sinks in major alpine valleys. In the field, I investigate the spatial distribution and the volume of small scale sediment storages (e.g. talus and debris flow cones) on the regional and local scale respectively. These results are then used to estimate the sediment stored in the headwaters of a large scale drainage basin, the Upper Rhone basin, Switzerland (> 5400 km²), using a statistical modeling approach. The aim of my research is to close the gap between detailed small scale studies and large scale sediment budgets.

Research interests:

  • sediment storage and dynamics in high-mountain environments
  • sediment connectivity and hillslope coupling
  • mountain geomorphology
  • application of geophysical methods (ERT and GPR) in geomorphology
  • geomorphometry
  • surface exposure age dating (10Be)




  • SCHOCH, A., BLÖTHE, J., HOFFMANN, T. & L. SCHROTT (2015): Spatial distribution of sediment storage in the Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland. European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2015, April 2015, Vienna. Link to abstract
  • SCHOCH, A., HOFFMANN, T. & R. DIKAU (2013): Influence of hillslope-channel coupling on two mountain headwater streams, Swiss National Park, Switzerland. European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2014, April 2014, Vienna. Link to abstract


  • SCHOCH, A., MEßENZEHL, K. & T. HOFFMANN (2014): Sedimentspeicherung und Hang-Gerinne-Kopplungen im Schweizerischen Nationalpark. Symposium der Schweizerischen Geomorphologischen Gesellschaft und von, July 2014, Zernez.
  • SCHOCH, A. (2013): Einflüsse von Hang-Gerinne-Kopplungen auf zwei Gebirgsbäche im Schweizerischen Nationalpark. Phil.Alp 2014: Die Alpen aus Sicht junger Forschender, June 2014, Bern. Link to abstract
  • SCHOCH, A., MEIKLEJOHN, I. & A. BUMBY (2010): Structural Control in the High Drakensberg. South African Annual Geography Students’ Conference, August 2010, Grahamstown.


SCHOCH, A. (2013): Influences of hillslope-channel-coupling on two mountain headwater streams, Swiss National Park. Diploma thesis, University of Bonn. (in German) Link to pdf-file


  • 7-day field trip to the Engadin, Switzerland: "Natural process and hazards in alpine regions"
  • GIS-applications in Geomorphology/Physical Geography (methods seminar)
  • Sediment dynamics in alpine geomorphic systems (project seminar)
  • Field methods in Physical Geography (field course)


Upper Rhone Valley, Obergoms, Switzerland

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