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Bsc and Msc Theses


Interested students who want to write a Bachelor or Master thesis in our Research Group are invited to contact Prof. Lothar SchrottCurrently, a master thesis is assigned with the following title: "Mountain hazarads and permafrost degradation: a regional approach".


Listed below you find overarching themes as well as specific topics for empirical (field work or GIS based) and theoretical (literature based) BSc and MSc theses in our group. Please note that the topics are given in English here, but thesis can be written in English or German.


overarching themes

  • permafrost
  • geomorphology of high mountains
  • natural hazards and risks
  • geomorphological mapping
  • sediment budgets
  • morphmometric analysis of digital topography (GIS-based)


specific topics (empirical theses)

  • Morphometric analysis of alluvial fans and debris cones in high-mountain environments
  • Gully erosion in upland catchments, Bergisches Land, NRW
  • Geomorphic change detection using aerial photography (UAV) and remote sensing
  • Mapping and geomorphometric analysis of sediment storage forms (e.g. talus deposits, debris flow cones) in alpine catchments, Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland, from remote sensing and topographic data (GIS based)
  • Geophysical analysis of the thickness of sediment storage forms, Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland (field work based)
  • Sediment budget and sediment connectivity studies in small alpine catchments, Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland
  • Geomorphometric analysis of alpine catchments with varying intensity of glacial-imprint (GIS based)
  • A database of sediment thicknesses for different sediment storage types (e.g. talus deposits) (literature based)


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