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Running Projects:

  • EarthShape 4a: Modelling and budgeting sediment transport, storage and connectivity - biotic effect. Part of: EarthShape: Earth surface shaping by biota. A German-Chilean Priority Program in the Chilean Coast Range. Project start: 02/2016 (funded by DFG) 
  • PermArg - Rock glacier permafrost in the Central Andes of Argentina: regional distribution – ice content – hydrological significance.  Project start: 11/2015 (funded by DFG)
  • Postglacial fan evolution in the Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland - gradual or catastrophic?
  • Geomorphological and hydrological significance of permafrost in the Alps (GeoHyPe)

Completed Projects:


Research Interests

  • High mountain geomorphology
  • Sediment budgets
  • Mass movements (landslides)
  • Permafrost and periglacial processes
  • Natural hazards
  • Geophysical applications in geomorphology
  • GIS and digital terrain analyses


Research Regions

  • European Alps (Valais, Wetterstein, Dolomites, Hohe Tauern)
  • Rocky Mountains, Colorado Front Range/ USA
  • Andes of Argentina
  • Chilean Coastal Cordillera
  • German upland (Eifel)



classic & modern field methods:

  • geomorphologic mapping
  • geotechnical
  • geophysical surveying
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