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Terweh, S., Hassan, M.A., Mao, L., Schrott, L. & Hoffmann, T.O. (2021): Bio-climate affects Hillslope and Fluvial Sediment Grain size along the Chilean Coastal Cordillera. Geomorphology, 384. doi:

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Blöthe, J.H., Halla, C., Schwalbe, E., Bottegal, E., Trombotto Liaudat, D., & Schrott, L. (2021): Surface velocity fields of active rock glaciers and ice-debris complexes in the Central Andes of Argentina. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 46(2), 504-522. doi:

Hoffmann, T. O., Baulig, Y., Fischer, H., & Blöthe, J. (2020): Scale breaks of suspended sediment rating in large rivers in Germany induces by organic matter. Earth Surface Dynamics, 8(3), 661-678. doi:

Hartmeyer, I., Keuschnig, M., Delleske, R., Krautblatter, M., Lang, A., Schrott, L., Prasicek, G. & Otto, J.C. (2020): A 6-year lidar survey reveals enhanced rockwall retreat and modified rockfall magnitudes/frequencies in deglaciating cirques. Earth Surface Dynamics, 8(3), 753-768. doi:

Hartmeyer, I., Delleske, R., Keuschnig, M., Krautblatter, M., Lang, A., Schrott, L., & Otto, J.C. (2020): Current glacier recession causes significant rockfall increase: the immediate paraglacial response of deglaciating cirque walls. Earth Surface Dynamics, 8(3), 729-751. doi:

Strozzi, T., Caduff, R., Jones, N., Barboux, C., Delaloye, R., Bodin, X., Kääb, A., Mätzler, E., & Schrott, L. (2020): Monitoring Rock Glacier Kinematics with Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar. Remote Sensing, 12(3), 559. doi:


Assignment of the master thesis topic "Mountain hazards and permafrost degradation: a regional approach"
New publication by Terweh et al. 2021
Special issue on "Permafrost and periglacial research from coasts to mountains" edited by Lothar Schrott and Ole Humlum
Digital lecture by Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott "Klimawandel - Auswirkungen auf Permafrostregionen" 13.01.2021 6 pm
Scientific Colloquium: summer term 2019

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Digital lecture by Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott "Klimawandel - Auswirkungen auf Permafrostregionen" 13.01.2021 6 pm
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