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New interdisciplinary publication by Laporte Uribe et al. 2021

Laporte Uribe, F., Arteaga, O., Bruchhausen, W., Cheung, G., Cullum, S., Fuentes-García, A., Miranda Castillo, C., Kerse, N., Kirk, R., Muru-Lanning, M., Salinas Ríos, R.A., Schrott, L., Slachevsky, A. & Roes, M. (2021): Dementia and COVID-19 in Chile, New Zealand and Germany: A Research Agenda for Cross-Country Learning for Resilience in Health Care Systems. Sustainability, 13(18), 10247. doi:

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed existing gaps in policies, systems and services, stressing the need for concerted global action on healthy aging. Similar to the COVID-19 pandemic, dementia is a challenge for health systems on a global scale. Our hypothesis is that translational potential lies in cross-country learning by involving three high-income countries with distinct geo-political-cultural-social systems in Latin America (Chile), the South Pacific (New Zealand) and Europe (Germany). Our vision is that such cross-country learning will lead to providing adequate, equitable and sustainable care and support for families living with dementia during a pandemic and beyond. We are proposing a vision for research that takes a multi-disciplinary, strength-based approach at the intersection of health care research, disaster research, global health research and dementia research. We present some insights in support of our hypothesis and proposed research agenda. We anticipate that this research has the potential to contribute towards strengthening and transforming health care systems in times of crises and beyond.


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